Slippery Elm - A Natural Cure For Acid Reflux And Ulcers

If you are suffering from nagging pain and wondering what to do for back pain, understanding what your Dr. doesn't want you to know about your pain can be very vital to your complete recovery and overall health.

It is in nature, that there are certain persons, who continue to remain trim and slim, irrespective of their eating, life styles, and habits of excess in every thing they consume.


Do you remember or have heard of the old "poultice", a bandage applied with or over a paste to a wound. Mustard plasters were taught to nurses until the 1960's. A poultice of willow bark treated pain. Willow bark contains acetylsalycylic acid. The base ingredient in aspirin. Bayer, the German corporation that also brought us Heroin ( brand name for their pain reliever narcotic) and Methadone (to help people get off their heroin addiction) made and marketed aspirin.

The stress Ayurveda over allopath and pressure of the situation took toll on her health. Within five years of her husbands death she was diagnosed to be suffering from nervous exhaustion.

Is that the main reason that people will not try natural cures, because their insurance will not pay for them? Or is it that mainstream medicine blast anyone who uses natural means are less than intelligent.



It can be easy for acupuncturists to think that there is no other way to communicate about their medicine. This isn't wrong. What is wrong is thinking that patients and potential patients need the same level of information as another practitioner. check here Doctors tend to talk down to patients. They use the most familiar and simple language rather than teaching them terms that they know as doctors. This can irritate patients who have a higher level of understanding. However, it is an excellent way to teach those who do not have great familiarity with the terminology.

Recently, I have learned of a branch of medicine, called Natural Allopathic Medicine. It basically diagnoses disease similar to mainstream medicine, but it uses natural substances as cures for the root causes of the diseases, rather than using pharmaceutical drugs, which never deal with anything more than symptoms.

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